Outdoor Camping Ultralight Folding Chair Fold Table Travel Fishing BBQ Hiking Strong High Load 150kg Beach Oxford Cloth Chair

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Dear friends, take a look at the buyer’s show together!!
It can be used at home, camping, beach and mountain climbing. It is easy to carry.
hello dear friend Welcome to my shop~
Advantages of ultra-light portable chair:
1. Can be opened quickly and light weight
2. Durable aluminum frame
3. Each chair can bear a load of 150kg
4.600D polyester with breathable mesh and waterproof PE coating
5.600D polyester with waterproof PVC coating

I would like to introduce to you our folding table with extended backrest, an essential folding table for outdoor play.

Maximum load 150 kg! Adults or children can easily sit on it.

Ultra-light, very convenient and easy to carry!

Durable material gives you a high level of outdoor experience!

Friends can take a look, this chair is also very good at home, and it is also suitable for children to sit on

Outdoor Camping Ultralight Folding Chair Travel Chair Fishing BBQ Hiking Strong High Load 150kg Beach Oxford Cloth Fishing Chair

Ultra-light weight, very convenient to carry!

Outdoor Fishing Chair Portable Lightweight Home Garden Seat Super Hard Travel Hiking Picnic Beach BBQ Folding Camping Chair


Product Information

Product Information

Name:Folding chair


Color:4 Colors

Size:Storage size

Material:Aluminum alloy + nylon mesh + Oxford cloth

Attention dear friends
There are two kinds of chairs, one kind of table
Choose the size you want

Why Choose Us

1-Our:Nylon material production,not easy to break, high safety

Others:Common material,easy to break

2-Our:Bold pipe, more stable and strong

Others:The pipe wall is thin and easy to break

3-Our:Aluminum alloy material,bright and smooth color

Others:Inferior materials,easy to rust

Product Structure

1.Fixed foot design

2.600D thickened Oxford cloth

3.Mesh breathable fabric

4.Aluminum alloy joint

5.7075 aviation aluminum alloy

6.Non-slip rubber sleeve design

Details Description

1.Sewing hemming-Пошив подшив

2.Tube slot design-Дизайн слота для трубки

3.Aluminum alloy bracket-Кронштейн из алюминиевого сплава

4.Non-slip foot cover-Нескользящий чехол для ног

5.High quality pillow-Качественная подушка

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Verified Buyer
13 Jul 2024 12:17

Delivered to the Post Office in Lyubertsy in 4 days, all whole. I'm happy with the purchase. This is the second similar chair. The first had to give friends-they liked it very much))) if you sit neatly, then I think for a long time. For melting on the back in hiking, the most it takes up little space, it is easy, and it is much more comfortable to sit on than on small flares or trenches. On the river, even take a nap on it managed)))

Verified Buyer
13 Jul 2024 11:33

Reliable, you can safely take.

Verified Buyer
13 Jul 2024 08:50

All match the description. Shipping in SF 4 days

Verified Buyer
13 Jul 2024 08:15

It's a chair. I saw this from a friend and immediately ordered myself. Such in the Sportmaster cost 3000-4000 ₽. For your money top. Convenient very much. The weight is small. Unfolds quickly. The tension of the fabric is large. The quality of the materials is excellent. Comes with a bag. The store put a useless keychain in the order. Delivered in a week and a half to the Pyaterochka.

Verified Buyer
13 Jul 2024 00:24

My 125 kg withstands, although it was very scary the first time to sit down, the construction of confidence did not inspire) A wife with a weight of 50 kg feels very comfortable in it, a little shaking chair feels like a hammock. Definitely recommend to buy, although I'm not comfortable in it, narrow. In disassembled condition is compact and convenient. (see photo)

Verified Buyer
12 Jul 2024 16:21


Verified Buyer
12 Jul 2024 13:06

Excellent chairs, worried that there will be an uncomfortable landing-in vain in it as in a hammock, very convenient!

Verified Buyer
12 Jul 2024 08:46

Light, comfortable chair. Delivery to Mo 3 days

Verified Buyer
12 Jul 2024 06:35

Very fast delivery

Verified Buyer
12 Jul 2024 03:15

Excellent chair, comfortable, compact. But it is narrow, I with hips 96 can not lie back on the pillow in the headboard, because it under my weight becomes already and I do not have a shoulder. It seems flimsy, the men did not dare to sit on it, but then appreciated. You can take it. Came very quickly, in 5 days

Verified Buyer
12 Jul 2024 00:14

Shipping is super fast. The chair is good, but narrow, not to sit for long.

Verified Buyer
11 Jul 2024 22:26

Looks flimsy. I sat down with my 135 kg., not even crispy where. I'm happy with the purchase.

Verified Buyer
11 Jul 2024 16:45

The fairly decent as cheap and you bought it

Verified Buyer
11 Jul 2024 11:22

Excellent quality, strong. Delivery fast in Pyaterochka.

Verified Buyer
11 Jul 2024 10:44

Delivery to Moscow 10 days (not the fastest). The quality of the chair is 4/5 (in the plastic holders, the luftec could be smaller and the rubber bands had to be tied, as they were badly stretched). According to the convenience of 4/5 (there is an inconvenience in the pelvic area and in the blades, but acceptable). From the head restraint is not enough, as it will highly pull back.

Verified Buyer
11 Jul 2024 10:04


Verified Buyer
11 Jul 2024 07:52

In general, the chairs fire, I do not take it for the first time! Delivery overdue for 3 days is unpleasant.

Verified Buyer
11 Jul 2024 05:42

Cool chair is very comfortable, easy place does not take up

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 20:51

The chair is compact and light. But due to the fact that under the fifth point there is no cross, to which it would be strong sidalish, then it turns out that the priest is hanging like a hammock in in You can sit, but how comfortable it will be if you sit for a few hours, I do not know yet.

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 20:15


Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 19:09

Excellent, light, comfortable chair.

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 14:23

The chair tried in general everything is ok!!!

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 12:53

The high chair, even a little more convenient than the same with the high back

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 12:24

Nice chair, afraid that will not sit comfortably. But he was very comfortable. Geometry Chair effect of the hammock, this can be inconvenient people stature. For my height 180 cm all convenient, his wife height 160 cm лямна seat pressure on the legs, compress on the sides.

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 12:23

Not a bad chair until they tried it in the field. Convenient

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 09:23

Carried for a long time. But the chair is gorgeous.

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 09:00

Super-high-chair ordered a high, and for the child is low. Everything is fine for everyone. The fabric is worn tight, but I managed. Left to test in hiking conditionsDelivery slightly delayed, the store gave the courier delivery number and everything was quickly decided. Thank you

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 07:38

The chair is great. Going fast, easy.

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 06:34

The parcel was slightly delayed. The chairs are excellent, as in the description. The store put a keychain as a gift.

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 05:55

Nice chair. For camping and picnic is very convenient. Great store.

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 05:32

It's a folding TABLE, not a chair, but it perfectly matches the visual. It looks solid, for a side table or camping. She will do exactly what I chose her for. Quickly mounted, quickly folded, impeccable for intended use.

Verified Buyer
10 Jul 2024 00:25

Delivery to Tomsk in 5 days I'm shocked.

Verified Buyer
9 Jul 2024 11:04

I'm using genuine, but it's similar ~ ~

Verified Buyer
9 Jul 2024 04:09

It came quickly, but it was a problem. Sdek day was looking for an order, at the point of issuance of wild queues

Verified Buyer
9 Jul 2024 03:46

I like it and very quickly it has arrived, it costs a little to put the fabric in but carefully it gets in and very practical and the good thing is it can keep anywhere, takes up little

Verified Buyer
9 Jul 2024 01:53

Delivery 2 days by Mo. My 82 kg chair holds without problems. Sewn neatly, soundly, light frame and convenient carrying bag. Topchik!

Verified Buyer
8 Jul 2024 12:42

Look at the rules, how much will last look. Sat, even tried кочаться vrole holds.

Verified Buyer
8 Jul 2024 05:26

In the SPB it came very quickly in a five-piece, the chair of course flimsy kilo for 40-70 pluses is very compact as a 3 liter thermos, if the probably I myself am 90 sitting stermnovato but stood up

Verified Buyer
8 Jul 2024 04:51

The strap of the cover broke, the back is not very comfortable to sit. Compared to another chair I bought

Verified Buyer
8 Jul 2024 03:56

Fast shipping, order with Russia to Kamchatka was a week. Chairs like, very small space, though quite strong and steady, my 90 kg. Survived. One weight exceeds 90 or thick Jo. ...... And, do not recommend to buy!

Verified Buyer
8 Jul 2024 02:05

The chair tried, excellent. The store sent to some left address, went to pick up 20 km in the region

Verified Buyer
7 Jul 2024 21:26

Very fast delivery to Ivanovo. only 5 days. The chairs correspond to the description. Arcs feel durable. Tomorrow I leave for the rocks, see how they show themselves

Verified Buyer
7 Jul 2024 12:42

Quickly, the chair as a whole norms, the tubes of the legs slightly luftyat in the groove, and so the weight is held

Verified Buyer
7 Jul 2024 03:29

Great I liked it

Verified Buyer
6 Jul 2024 16:37

Delivery very fast and product wholesale durable as the Just, chair foot pro plastic size cotton Would be better:

Verified Buyer
6 Jul 2024 09:06

Good, comfortable, compact chair)

Verified Buyer
6 Jul 2024 08:01

Delivery from Russia for 6 days to Moscow. The chair is cool, quality, durable. With my low height and weight about 85 kg. Sit comfortably, you can slightly shake. In assembled form compact. I'm happy with the purchase.

Verified Buyer
6 Jul 2024 07:01

Good folding chair Deliver quickly A little hard to stretch at first but nothing serious I recommend...

Verified Buyer
6 Jul 2024 06:08

Very tightly stretched fabric, it is almost impossible to quickly assemble as positioned. The design is famous qemovskaya... but the performance is so-so. Other options can be better especially with a more powerful central bar

Verified Buyer
6 Jul 2024 00:28

Cool chair, Perm come in 5 days, fast delivery what was my

Verified Buyer
6 Jul 2024 00:13

Nice chair. Blowing the bottom. In summer we will try)

Verified Buyer
5 Jul 2024 16:13

Quickly delivered, the chair is not as convenient as its small analog, but for a standard table in the battery.

Verified Buyer
5 Jul 2024 12:28

Came faster than a week, everything is as in the description. As everyone says-in the shoulders of the eye narrow, clinging to sit not comfortable for a long time because of this. But I read about it and knew when I ordered. It would be possible of course this flaw to correct another transverse, but they did not think about it before. Otherwise, all-hood.

Verified Buyer
5 Jul 2024 08:06

Light, on average physique.

Verified Buyer
5 Jul 2024 07:05

Excellent chairs, used them all summer. But stock up with a set of rubber bands. Over time, they are moving in the places where the pipes are folded.

Verified Buyer
5 Jul 2024 00:46

Led Bomb

Verified Buyer
4 Jul 2024 18:41

The delivery is fast and the goods are good!

Verified Buyer
4 Jul 2024 09:18

On the photo, when ordering does not look durable, but in fact, a long-lasting and gentle design. No foreign unpleasant smell, this is a big plus. Very easy to assemble and light in weight. With a weight of 60-80 kg, it is convenient and confident to sit. A good shape of the legs, will not fall into the sand or soil. The headrest is dense, you can even take a convenient nap.

Verified Buyer
4 Jul 2024 07:45

Very practical chair. Adopts practical no place in on my motorcycle!

Verified Buyer
4 Jul 2024 06:38

Very fast delivery three days)

Verified Buyer
4 Jul 2024 05:53

Uncomfortable narrow chair. Do not recommend

Verified Buyer
4 Jul 2024 04:25

Comfortable chair, easy to assemble, delivery is super fast. In the field, I have not used it yet, but I sat at home.

Verified Buyer
4 Jul 2024 03:52

High chair is very much, reached 13 days Adygea, quality is even better than expected, fabric good, aluminum Tube sturdy, think my 85 kg will keep without problems.

Verified Buyer
4 Jul 2024 02:47

1300 kg. The design is strange. Kindergarten neatly. for children well. I'll check in nature. I'm 74 kg.

Verified Buyer
3 Jul 2024 21:33

Shipping fast and products like EE hip part small what is not easy.

Verified Buyer
3 Jul 2024 19:21

It is good!

Verified Buyer
3 Jul 2024 18:38


Verified Buyer
3 Jul 2024 11:24

The goods were delivered in 5 days to postomat. Going easy.

Verified Buyer
3 Jul 2024 11:03

Quality and light chair for hiking and outdoor recreation.

Verified Buyer
3 Jul 2024 09:06

Absolutely uncomfortable. Positively, only weight.

Verified Buyer
3 Jul 2024 05:06

What I wanted. For strength, we will check upon arrival... There was a little delay in delivery, but not critical... Good and well-being

Verified Buyer
3 Jul 2024 02:06

A good and strong chair, I advise him to take an additional foot support

Verified Buyer
2 Jul 2024 18:39

Very fast shipping Busin The piece also small and lightweight comfortable four key Additional purchase applied to Durability is having to look at will know four key

Verified Buyer
2 Jul 2024 18:08

Excellent chair, super fast delivery a week before Yakutsk

Verified Buyer
2 Jul 2024 10:27

The armchairs are quality, made neatly, it's not easy to collect, but you need to put a little effort to pull the fabric on the frame. Sit comfortably, look reliable. Light, neatly folded into a bag-case. Delivered Super quickly 3 days to the Moscow region. Everything is fine! Thank you!

Verified Buyer
2 Jul 2024 06:54

Good, convenient, let's see how it will behave in the case

Verified Buyer
2 Jul 2024 06:53

Design shaky, but sit really comfortable

Verified Buyer
2 Jul 2024 05:40

All ok

Verified Buyer
2 Jul 2024 05:23

The table is great. Low. But for a hiking trip is very easy.

Verified Buyer
2 Jul 2024 04:46

Easy going 90 kg stand

Verified Buyer
1 Jul 2024 22:37

Lightweight and easy to install. It would be nice to have a variety of colors such as the color of the color of the color

Verified Buyer
1 Jul 2024 21:22


Verified Buyer
1 Jul 2024 17:28

It's narrow.

Verified Buyer
1 Jul 2024 11:30

Good comfortable armchairs, took 2

Verified Buyer
1 Jul 2024 08:24

I like it and it's just the way it looks in the pictures. The only thing that would change is that the headrest is too hard for me. It could get better if I had a side opening so I could get it out.

Verified Buyer
30 Jun 2024 22:03

High quality, sturdy chair

Verified Buyer
30 Jun 2024 20:56

Lightweight, easy to assemble chair. From 80 to 90 kg holding no problem.

Verified Buyer
30 Jun 2024 11:27

It's okay, the price is 1678,86. Can take

Verified Buyer
30 Jun 2024 04:57

Normal chair, immediately did not break down

Verified Buyer
30 Jun 2024 03:23

The legs are a little high.

Verified Buyer
30 Jun 2024 01:21

Came slightly cracked, but the functionality did not affect. The trail. If I order without a back.

Verified Buyer
30 Jun 2024 00:33

Great chair!

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