Blackdeer Archeos 2-3 People Backpacking Tent Outdoor Camping 4 Season Winter Skirt Tent Double Layer Waterproof Hiking Survival

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Product Details
Good News!All the 3P tent is 215*215 cm size now.
4 Season 2P (2 People Winter Tent With Skirt)
3 Season 2P ( 2 People Tent For 3 Season)
4 Season 3P (3-4 People Winter Tent With Skirt)
3 Season 3P (3-4 People Tent For 3 Season)
Type: Archeos 2P Tent
Color: White / Green
Model No.: BD12011110
Suitable seasons: Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
Tent Poles: 7.9mm 7001 Aluminum alloy
Tent Fly: 190T Polyester PU2000mm W/R
Tent Body: B3 Mesh/190T Polyester PU450mm W/R
Tent Floor: 150D Oxford PU3000mm W/R
Suitable: Hiking, Camping
Tent Size: 215*130*100 cm
Package Size: 47*15*15 cm
Accessories: Nails, Rope
Net Weight: 2.45kg
With Skirt
Package Included:
1 *Tent Body
1 *Tent Fly
3 *Tent Poles
12 *Tent stakes
4 *Guy lines
1 *Carry bag Mesh bag
Product advantages:
1: The tent poles are made of 7.9mm 7001 Aluminum alloy bracket,light and firm,big space
2: The tent Fly is made of 190T Polyester which effectively to resist heavy rain.
3: The tent adding an extra short cross-pole on the top of the inner tent body, make more space
4: Tent snow skirt and less inner mesh design to make more warm and free times
Type: Archeos 3P Tent
Weight: 3 season 3.5kg/4 season 3.9kg
Color: White / Green
Size:215*215*125 cm
Suitable seasons: Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter
Tent Poles: 9.5mm 7001 Aluminum alloy
Tent Fly: 190T Polyester PU3000mm W/R
Tent Body: B3 Mesh/190T Polyester PU450mm W/R
Tent Floor: 150D Oxford PU3000mm W/R
Suitable: Hiking, Camping

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Verified Buyer
17 Apr 2024 23:19

Good tent, big one! Bought for 6200.

Verified Buyer
17 Apr 2024 16:09

Awesome tent, lived in her 7 days when 2 degrees, very warm, comfortable, my height 186 great

Verified Buyer
17 Apr 2024 12:36

In general, it would be worth putting 2 stars for cheating and backed up vacation. Ordered 4.07, delivery from Russia, courier to 8.07. Getting a track number... Parcel shipped 9.07, from China. Without my consent, without agreement, without warning, no apology in the end delivered 3 weeks later. They took it to vacation. The vacation is over, and no tent. As compensation sent by futprint for 1500r. For that, thank you. Dispute, in this case, did not open, but 5 stars put, sorry, can not. There are no complaints about the tent itself. Quality, well stitched, easy to assemble and disassemble. Nice tent.

Verified Buyer
17 Apr 2024 04:38

My first tent. Long chose, compared looked reviews. In the end, I decided to stop on this one. I collected at home, while I like everything. Material is good. All as in the description. A long skirt, an additional guide, that would be tambors on the sides. Later I will add, with experience on the street.

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 23:12

Delivery by courier, I do not remember exactly how much, but about a week I think. The tent as a whole is not bad. Completely arrange the house is not accustomed. In nature, I have not been yet. After the test in the forest I will add a review.

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 21:16

A good tent, the weight is moderate, the gusts of wind 15-20 m/s survived confidently, the rain almost in the whole day also stood. My height 180 on the inflatable carpet got into the butt. On the width of two inflatable mats 185 × 60 came easily.

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 12:25

Delivery from Moscow is fast. It came in a box with a label. It's all right. Like everything is qualitatively done. The smell is not strong. Hope to check soon! For 9000 from coupon is quite good, especially given the course. The light passes, so it will be difficult to sleep in White Nights, but it's not very important.

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 10:54

Excellent tent, in everything thoughtful, folded takes up very little space, quickly unfolds!

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 08:23

The tent is great. Took with a winter skirt. Tested in the alloy on the kayak on the May holidays. There was snow with rain and just snow) perfectly managed. Recommend.

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 06:33

Came very quickly, brought the courier) to the motorcycle case is placed)

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 05:52

Best investment! The tent is according to my requests for 100%. I do not write reviews at all, but in this case I do not shed. I already appointed the day of the trip, when the tent was walking only. Delivery sdecom super fast, did not even have time to notice how the time flew. I was afraid to find some portac, put it at home, at first glance everything is fine. There was no smell, nothing fell into his eyes. The tent spread itself in minutes 10-15, very comfortable design. All seams are glued, the line is small, frequent. Very much space, for two it is quite comfortable, slept with a friend growing about 170. I did not pull a strong tent, it was not windy and the place was a good choice. In the morning there was no condensation on the interior, in the bedrooms to-2 sleep comfortably (at night the temperature is about + 7). The skirt was rolled up to ventilate the tent. Of the minuses, I note small inconvenience: Not enough solid racks at the ventilation windows (I do not know what they are exactly called), the cover is sewn as if it is not

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 05:42

Tent collected at home, you have not tried, the only negative, who Discovered-no pockets inside (except those that under the "door") mesh, that should be shelf, too narrow and not stretched tight, so not functional. From Plus really light and compact, inside roomy.

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 04:39

Excellent tent at a great price, ordered from Russia, the store without agreement sent from China, as a result, delivery was almost a month late, had to go with an old tent

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 01:46

The tent has already been updated. Under a little rain I stood, did not tread. Took a three-seat, three-season with a skirt, did not regret) Small jambs -Curve seam of lightning at one of the entrances, -Dark-colored cuts (though with light reflection), in the evening in the twilight, they fell out and drew them out.

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 01:39

A wonderful tent for trips to nature and fishing, the locks work perfectly, the seams are glued, with the growth of 190 a little touch of the heels and head, but the places are are are Thanks arheoclub

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 00:48

Packed tent good service took ten days, door to door courier, by visual inspection, it looks ok, gather, set up, check and review.

Verified Buyer
16 Apr 2024 00:16

Ordered randomly from China, although the tent needed quickly, the store offered to cancel the order and re-order from Russia. OK, the money was returned quickly. But what began then... The messages are answered once a week, promising to send today and so it's been almost three weeks! Allegedly there was no goods in the warehouse of the Russian Federation. Well, no, no, why lie then that sending today and so on 5 times? In general, I did not really like this seller, but the self-inflating then had to buy, like the problem did not repeat... There are no complaints about the tent itself, everything is clear. There are reviews on YouTube-everything is completely the same. I recommend the tent. No seller.

Verified Buyer
15 Apr 2024 17:57

Quality is quite mean tent! 20% more expensive than similar tent brand hewolf. Time will tell how much it is quality!

Verified Buyer
15 Apr 2024 09:23

Delivered weeks for 3, Long lay in Moscow K. Did not pass the inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, after ordering the call in the campaign, it was necessary to clarify the personal data, the tax should not be paid, after which which the in general, the tent is satisfied, before that used outventur Dom 2. This is made more thoughtful, longer and more comfortable, After I try on fishing or looks like I'll add a review)

Verified Buyer
15 Apr 2024 08:58

Not tested, but the package corresponds, as a gift a small towel that came two weeks earlier than a tent! Ordered fast delivery from Peter, as a result drove from China 42 days

Verified Buyer
15 Apr 2024 06:01

Excellent tent, design scoring, still there was no time to get out on the nature, and set it completely, sunshade :) later will add a review✌

Verified Buyer
14 Apr 2024 23:26

Parcel Arrived in 39 days, delivered by courier Exline, tent was packed in a box. Quality tent excellent, seams sealed and taped, water with awning rolls individual drops as Mercury, arc of good quality, have a certain flexibility, Pegs light and strong, high quality fasteksy and storm procrastination. assemble tent does not make any labor, but that would make out, Need a little effort not as cover tent with one end of the expanded, and the other narrowed, and will have some trouble for some time that she got into this case. The tent is pleased with the lightweight, compact. thank you so much археоклубу and blackdeer for big discount.

Verified Buyer
14 Apr 2024 13:33

Excellent tent for such money! (cost for 5300 on sale) zippers do not settle, the seams are made on conscience, the sizes correspond. The little one is really two, not one and a half, as for the other. If you find fault, only to the pegs, for me it's better to three-sided. They can even be scored in hard and mixed soil. These, alas, will bend at such actions

Verified Buyer
14 Apr 2024 11:17

Everything is fine! The tent for its money is good. Took for 5600. As long as I could not remember, I was not in a hurry. DPD to Hata, but dropped to the point of issue, so that the courier does not wait.

Verified Buyer
14 Apr 2024 07:43

The tent is executed qualitatively, the seams of the tent are all glued. Easy to Assemble. In general, the gun

Verified Buyer
14 Apr 2024 07:31

Good tent, let's see how much it will serve. There was no rain, moisture resistance did not check. Only internal seams of the outer awning are glued. There is no tambour at all, a maximum of sneakers to put. The shelf on the ceiling could be sewn, these hooks are fixed, unfastened when folding-folding the tent. In the rest it seems thought out well

Verified Buyer
14 Apr 2024 05:54

This is without a shadow of doubt the best tent bought here. Not in vain, she has many reviews and fans, starting with archeoclub, where I saw her. The review there is full, so that the photo will not be collected. Very compact in assembled form and light, compared to my last greneel elf is lighter almost twice. Materials are very high quality, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and a pleasant bonus from the store! 10 out of 10!

Verified Buyer
14 Apr 2024 04:57

Very fast delivery-3 days. The tent is good, but I'm a little disappointed-the curves are everywhere, okay Velcro, the whole skirt is a curve, several times in some places sewn, and somewhere skirt on the roof and the corners in general, the fabric is cut with a curve is not trimmed, I will cut myself, not very accessories, naturehike is better, But they do not have a warm tent with a fabric inner tent and a tent skirt. The arcs are great. I don't know why you couldn't put a normal three-sided ring. It was possible to make slings already, why such wide? I will look massive and add in weight, plastic fasteses, I will clearly remake the cords-do as naturehike instead of the eyelet. For kulisk I will buy more miniature accessories, I will change the pull-off from bad plastic to red aluminum, I will replace the ring (This will all of course need to be spent, but the tent immediately will be the impression better) the overall impression is the bust

Verified Buyer
13 Apr 2024 20:30

Nice tent. Four seasonal (with a skirt) weighs 2.77 kg. Delivered in less than a week by courier IML. Going easy.

Verified Buyer
13 Apr 2024 14:30

Tent super. Feature-you can lie along and across. Of flaws or comments-small, completely worthless one single pocket inside the tent. We have two big pocket organizer on opposite the tent.

Verified Buyer
13 Apr 2024 09:19

The tent is good. When the frying can be Upper Ten and not put. Quickly installed.

Verified Buyer
13 Apr 2024 06:55

The tent will be delivered in a week, taking into account all discounts, left it in 6045р. Weight fits the description of the pegs are good, light (1 = 14 C). For person height from 190, tent will have a bit short. Tambour not big, for high-grade backpack is hardly enough space. In Jun certainly check in practice

Verified Buyer
13 Apr 2024 06:19

Археоклубу thanks for the info, selected after watching the video, all fully consistent with the description, tent in the ratio of has no equal. Delivery fast and without damage

Verified Buyer
12 Apr 2024 22:51

Excellent quality. I'm very pleased and I liked the cat. we are waiting for a trip to the forest

Verified Buyer
12 Apr 2024 09:54

Tent long shepherded the very ндравятся the двушки. But it is certainly a bit short. Inside size 119 × 200. His son bought. First the нерли сплавится, test. Then хибины and and alloy by P. кереть. very much hope will not let you down. Was 10 days before the Vladimir region. Courier EML. to home

Verified Buyer
12 Apr 2024 03:05

Excellent tent, take not regret it people, Thank you very much, store fast delivery for my tent.

Verified Buyer
12 Apr 2024 02:37

Tent-dream easy! Bought on the advice of archeoclub. Very compact, light and at first glance very strong! It is very simple, even for one person, I put in my life a tent only once, and then figured it out. Aluminum arcs after the use of fiberglass seem much lighter and stronger. Weight you see on 4 pics. The width of the tent is perfect, for 2 people very wide. The only negative in length. I'm 180 tall, and completely covered with my head, I have 15 centimeters to the other end of the tent (3 photos). So when choosing it is worth considering that the tent is not for super high people, but for me in length is very suitable. At 5 photos showed how the tent with a small backpack looks (by the way, in the lower straps of the backpack is stuck back). I took a tent for easy walking or bicycles for 1 or 2 people, and, in my opinion, it's a very good choice for these tasks. Later in the summer I will go camping and I really want to complement my review with a video review on YouTube.

Verified Buyer
11 Apr 2024 22:30

Everything is fine. For a couple, the man is just right. Collected in 5 minutes

Verified Buyer
11 Apr 2024 22:17

I bought it on sale for 7 K rubles. Delivery by mail from the Russian warehouse, after removing the black film, found that the box was opened by someone to view the contents, at the same time cut and the tent (well that)) unpacking did not shoot on the camera, then feared that they would say that they cut it when unpacking. Contacted the store, he offered to make a free refund and buy a new tent at an old price, but the course of $ Increased> 30% and delivery from China (7 k rubles against against against agreed on compensation for damage in monetary terms. Good cut in not the power part of the bottom, you can easily glue. The rest is in order, the seams, arcs, the quality is excellent, for three places the dofig will fit and the fourth. When buying everything happens, the main seller is adequate.

Verified Buyer
11 Apr 2024 14:11

Excellent tent, thanks for the quick delivery within a week and archeoclub for creation and recommendations

Verified Buyer
11 Apr 2024 10:14

Tent Fire! It fits the description, quality excellent, at least in the form of, in fact was not yet. Peter delivered in three days. Weight without Stakes, stretch marks and covers-2,3 kg

Verified Buyer
11 Apr 2024 03:23

I am a tourist with great experience, were in use of Salev's tent and High Peak and Chinese Trump, so I have something to compare with. The tent is great! Thoughtful ventilation, I bought an option with a skirt, good accessories, aluminum racks. The bottom is thick but not reinforced glue. The vet for a three-seat tent is acceptable. In general, I recommend to everyone. I ordered from Russia came Lightning (less than a week), although late in one day.

Verified Buyer
10 Apr 2024 13:36

Delivery sdek. tent is good, I recommend.

Verified Buyer
10 Apr 2024 11:08

Gift father. When put, ask to do a photo and will add a review. # Нетвойне # stopwar♥️

Verified Buyer
10 Apr 2024 09:28

Everything, as in the description. For this money (about 7 tons) is an excellent option. Of course, not without small shortcomings, but without them, velkam, tents for 30-50 thousand always waiting for saothem buyers. There was nothing critical. I got without one fastening shelf. The store immediately compensated. From the incomprehensible: 1. the cover is narrow, it will be very Hemorrhoid to stick wet. Can be put on a piece of old awning; 2. fixing three arcs with each other somehow looks short.

Verified Buyer
10 Apr 2024 00:46

Spread before the hike on a sample, the first impressions of a super, pleasant tent, sewn neatly and it is seen that it is thought out in the details, all as in the description's description two sleeping mattresses with Ali approached the tutelka in the tutelka. Seller polodi towel as a gift, bought for 4700 R, thanks to the store and the archclub (before the meeting in the field)))

Verified Buyer
9 Apr 2024 12:38

It came quite quickly, although other goods are in delivery for more than 2 months... until tested.

Verified Buyer
9 Apr 2024 09:37

Thought already will not arrive))). delivery 90 days!!! The courier brought it home. Everything is whole, nothing has been hurt. Complete set. The weight of my kit with a skirt is 3700gr. Got what I wanted. It is a pity that it is not possible to try it yet. Description exact, the kit as stated by the manufacturer. For $90, it's just a gift.

Verified Buyer
9 Apr 2024 02:53

Looks very high quality, convenient bag, good material and color. The apartment is not started to collect, will collect in the trip, hope all together.

Verified Buyer
8 Apr 2024 23:19

Took 2 Local 4 seasonal (with a skirt), weight from the box 2.8 kg, as stated on the tent itself. How to collect-I'll complement the review.

Verified Buyer
8 Apr 2024 23:09

The tent is excellent, everything is there. Pockets on the sides, shelf on top. There will be good weather, I'll add a review The only fear is for the bottom of the tent, the thin one should be tried

Verified Buyer
8 Apr 2024 21:19

The first my tent, I can not compare, but after the first use were satisfied. On the steering wheel, the ram was 440mm wide, but Butt. My height is 190 one super comfortable, if the two of you are a little tight, but not critical

Verified Buyer
8 Apr 2024 14:51

The goods came quickly. Description in general similar, only weighs a tent with pegs and arcs 2.7 kg In general, it is sewn quite qualitatively, although there are some warming and sticking threads, but these are trifles. Arcs and pegs are aluminum, plastic hooks. The material of the awning and bottom is quite thin, but in principle should protect from rain.

Verified Buyer
8 Apr 2024 13:25

Tent standards. Take the first. Write if find schools.

Verified Buyer
8 Apr 2024 10:13

We ordered a tent, the store wrote that in Russia there were no white tents at the moment, I agreed to Olive, the tent went to Yekaterinburg for about a week, the delivery to Russia was weight of a three-person tent in the collection 3,4 kg. Very spacious, three with a child places very much. Thank you seller.

Verified Buyer
8 Apr 2024 06:58

My first tent, opted for a long time. Help with a choice of review археоклуба on YouTube. Want in Aug Krym the tent up, then added a review. Delivered within a week. In principle, all happy, no stocks found. Installed on the porch, going to test. Поживу in it.

Verified Buyer
8 Apr 2024 04:27

Nice tent. Aluminum tubes and metal pins pleased thought it would be worse. It's whole, it's not torn. After leaving with her I will add a review.

Verified Buyer
8 Apr 2024 03:13

Trademark the tent inside bottom fold back 찝 tongue in sewing and Mermaid yo Exchange the CR scissors cutting out just write the stuff is love Kindly note that the manager thank God.

Verified Buyer
7 Apr 2024 15:26

Delivery is very fast, much earlier than the specified date of arrival came the tent. Quality is super!

Verified Buyer
7 Apr 2024 07:51

Excellent tent! Reached very quickly! With the growth of 187 perfect fit, do not let it! Enjoy two output! Put in a couple of minutes! Recommend

Verified Buyer
7 Apr 2024 07:17

Delivery of 19 days from China to Moscow by DPD, which bring as they like (the courier outside the announced time interval calls and says it will be 15 minutes). The tent itself is definitely the best option for this money, a similar quality product from famous brands will be twice as expensive. It is done neatly, glued seams, reinforced weaknesses. Don't worry, take it. The installation took five minutes. For two people-norms, if you value freedom-it is better to take three people.

Verified Buyer
7 Apr 2024 04:54

Tent for the first impression is excellent, thank you arheoclub-u took thanks to them

Verified Buyer
7 Apr 2024 04:33

Quite worthy. The seams are sealed, the zippers are quite high quality, the arches are though thin but made of quality aluminum, however as well as pegs. The weight in the case is actually 2.81 kg, the case weighs 80 grams. There are comments and suggestions. The cross metal (short) eyelet is very tight in the eyelets. It is possible and developed, but now the child will be very difficult to insert the fan on his own. In other tents, this arc is inserted into the pockets made inside the tent, and not into the eyelets, which I think is a more convenient option. I suggest that you make a sewn loop into the upper (dome) inner part of the awning so that you can attach the awning with ties that also fix the transverse arches. Thus, "for a penny" can be raised "the frame" of the whole tent. Also, inside the tent at the head and feet it is good to make nets for laying things. It is also very convenient to put a flashlight, cap and so on. So that it does not lie on the bottom of the tent. Now there are just two triangular pockets from the grid (see photo).

Verified Buyer
7 Apr 2024 03:56

Everything is accurate, only carried for a month longer than stated. The parcel came opened, the Courier DPD refused to admit it first, then refused to make an act .. In general, waiting + delivery = pain ..

Verified Buyer
7 Apr 2024 03:47

Very cool tent! The seams are stitched, the outer awning on the fastes, the additional arc on the top, the floor of the tent is durable and sealed. The workmanship is super, no shortcomings! Delivery from Russia is super fast in five!

Verified Buyer
6 Apr 2024 23:40

Excellent tent, took on the advice of Vsevolod from archeoclub. came out in 7200. Delivered by sdecom directly to the hands. The weight was 3.8-3.9 kg. It's for a 3-person tent with a skirt. I consider a good result. Photo With weighing. As I leave in the field-I will add photos and probably make a review on YouTube.

Verified Buyer
6 Apr 2024 23:38

A good tent. Thick material of the bottom. No need extra mat underneath. The assembly is very tightly inserted cross spacer. But Stretch side tent it perfectly. Pockets in only two and they are triangular-uncomfortable. Door curtain is not attached to anything, and hang out. Sometimes stick thread and fabric. There is a feeling кустарности. But like all rules stitched and glue. Testing in the campaign will show))

Verified Buyer
6 Apr 2024 22:59

I liked the workmanship. Absolutely no foreign (chemical) smell. In the kit there was no REM. Set (patches and bushings for arc).

Verified Buyer
6 Apr 2024 10:15

Tent is good. They did not measure the width. Along the length where corner arcs intended 208. In the center and even less. In principle, I liked it but expected an honest length. For growth 182 norms. Packing is compact.

Verified Buyer
6 Apr 2024 02:44

Tent as such as expected! Then added a review, when go to nature!

Verified Buyer
6 Apr 2024 02:08

Nice tent. Reliable materials and high workmanship.

Verified Buyer
6 Apr 2024 01:41

As expected, everything is at the highest level. the quality is excellent, I did not find marriage at all. the delivery is super fast.

Verified Buyer
6 Apr 2024 00:30

Low-tide store. Recommend! I have not checked the tent yet, but I will add the review later. Got there quickly

Verified Buyer
5 Apr 2024 17:51

Fast delivery, Courier. The goods is not open.

Verified Buyer
5 Apr 2024 12:21

Great item, good quality, fitting well think and express shipping from the store. Very satisfied with this purchase. Thank you

Verified Buyer
5 Apr 2024 11:33

Cool tent, archaeology yuzh. Urals

Verified Buyer
5 Apr 2024 10:25

Very cool quality tent, I advise everyone!

Verified Buyer
5 Apr 2024 06:41

Delivery quickly, corresponds to the description, easy compact, everything is thought out to the smallest detail, I will look in the case, a good product and the store made a discount.

Verified Buyer
5 Apr 2024 02:46

Delivery is fast, the packing is normal, but the tent came with two cuts of the inner tent, cuts in the photo. One is refurbished by the sender other No. Cuts are not critical but the siege remains.

Verified Buyer
5 Apr 2024 00:18

Excellent tent! Delivery very fast. All seams taped. Inside any bad smell. Cons of, slightly pull mesh in some places

Verified Buyer
4 Apr 2024 09:12

Everything is super, everything is as described. Delivery by Courier (DPD). My first tent, took two local without a skirt, the quality is excellent. Product and store recommend.

Verified Buyer
4 Apr 2024 09:06

I 've got to invade the Russian Nazis in Ukraine. Bula чудовa reception-2500 UAH. The axis of the Fox of cigodnyi handed the chicken 'eer meest Express. Bove ready, Shto and not diyda, ale all the same. I'm selling for those shchos on the prohannya contributions to futprint, priemno. Archeos club all the same showed themselves adequate and hung proti meshinnoi zagarbnytkoi viini rosya proti Ukraine. The Fascist regime is smitten, ale zussim is not the same as the Yaku show Zsu and the people decorate. Glory to Ukraine! Death to the terorists paid off!

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